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We understand the frustration and disappointment of a real estate sale that cannot complete due to restrictive lending and international financial laws. That is why we have designed a solution that provides an alternative and more convenient way for global citizens to invest in UK property. Our rent-to-buy model will open doors to a bigger pool of clients and new market opportunities as well as help unlock any static sales.

In short, we help you sell houses. Simple.

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We have made it our purpose to untangle the web of challenges and overcome the barriers for international property investors. We facilitate, we liberate, we take care of things. Our groundbreaking rent-to-buy model provides your clients with eventual 100% ownership and total control over repayments with a fixed 0% interest.


Our game-changing approach to purchasing property in the UK allows your clients to set a personal payment plan, eliminates the need for a mortgage and gives you 100% ownership plus all the capital gains from day one.

Once your client has chosen their apartment, for an initial one off fee, our team of experts will listen to their financial requirements and create a repayment plan that works best for them. We then help them to buy the property and manage it for the repayment duration, either renting the property back to the purchaser, or to a tenant of their choice. Once the finance is paid off, the purchaser assumes full ownership of the apartment.


Benefits include:

  • Buy any size property anywhere in the UK
  • Fixed 0% interest
  • Flexible repayment timeframes
  • Double layer protection due to SPV structure and legal framework
  • Security with English Law contracts and second charge safety
  • Capital appreciation from day one
  • Flexibility to purchase early

Why clients choose us:

  • They are restricted by capital-control limitations
  • They have found purchasing in the UK to be a complex web of red-tape and changing regulations
  • They are time-limited and need a hassle-free solution
  • They want to avoid creating complex foreign asset ownership trusts or corporate structures



Buyer selects a property and completes initial application to set out indicative terms based on property details


Full application submitted with supporting documents, which is then reviewed by Mutual Capital finance experts.


Upon successful application & minimum 35% deposit received, the property is purchased by Mutual Capital, with legal structures and Escrow accounts in place.


Mutual Capital rents the property until full repayment on the property is made.


Payments are made by the client into the Escrow account in line with contract agreement.


After the final repayment is made, automatic transfer of ownership takes place of the property to the buyer.



During the deferred payment term, first charge of the property is retained by the mortgage bank and the second charge of the property is retained by the buyer ensuring full protection to the buyer and the bank.


No money from the buyer enters Mutual Capital’s bank account for possible misuse. All monies are remitted by the buyer to the licensed escrow agent who disburses the sums to the developer or the mortgage bank. The yearly instalments are held securely with the licensed escrow agent, to accrue in anticipation of unwinding the position at the end of the deferred payment term.


All documents are governed by English law and subject to English courts.